Post-COVID Measures that we have to follow for Going back to Offices

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The World is slowly Getting back on track and the Offices around the country are finally opening back up. Based on the reports of, more than 1/3rd of Americans are still working from home , but at the same time the number of people getting back into their daily routines and their work is growing day-by-day.

APA’s Stress conducted a poll in America in February 2021 stating that 42% of Americans were reported gaining unwanted weight during the COVID-19 quarantines, lockdowns and work-from-home measures. The average weight gain is about 29 pounds. You can follow these simple tips in order to get back into a healthier routine to head into the office.

1.) Pile on the Produce: Eating up on non-starchy vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, carrots and more each day since they are loaded with rich vitamins, minerals and fiber. But also take into note that they’re low on calories. The fiber makes you feel full without filling out your stomach. Healthy snacks are one of the most important option you can give yourself at anyplace. When you start to feel slumpy, grab something from the vending machine. Always be prepared with food options that satisfy you. This can help you make your own food decisions and your health goals.

2.) Making Meals Ahead of time: Always prepping your meal ahead of time can help you stay on the track when it’s time to eat. Pre-portioned meals are a great healthy meal prep option because they are easy to grab and go, and heartier than a salad.

3.)Always Stay with Information: When you finally got your healthy meal prep underway, always yourself with information. When a certain Someone invites you to a lunch or a snack, you obviously wanted to go there since thats the first one in more than a year! So dont stress about your order. Look the menu online before you meet up for lunch in that way you can see which options are best for your healthy lifestyle.


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